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If you are here you likely need to earn money with your business. I help businesses find success online and offline. This is what I have done for most of my life. I first accessed the Internet in the late 1980’s while helping to grow a non profit debt counseling service in Philadelphia, PA and which is still in existence today. I have worked as an Investigator and many of you have seen me stage front at most of the concerts in the Philadelphia area for over a decade. I have provided bodyguard work to politicians and celebrities as well. I also did a few years in the badlands of North Philly cutting off cable and eventually installing cable Internet for customers of Comcast. In fact it was Comcast replacing me with the self install kit, that promted me to start an online business.

I thought I could design websites but realized you need artistic talent, which I do not have. That is when I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and was able to use that, along with my investigative experience and advanced knowledge of how computer algorithms work to detect fraud to start a successful business bringing other websites to the top of free results listings. I have ranked sites for terms computer accessories, tanning lotions, government auctions, mens shampoo, antivirus software, bulk wine, police supplies and many other highly competitive terms some with over 1/4 billion competing pages. Want to get to the top of Google? Let me know and I can get you there!!

As SEO grew I realized clients were getting lots of visitors but weren’t earning money. This is when I started to learn about the consumers, or visitors and what they wanted. Clients thought they knew what their visitors wanted, but the clients were often wrong. As such I have grown to understand usability and consumer mindset. This also led me to Paid Search Marketing, using Pay Per Click, Display, & Image Advertising programs, where I was able to help clients find customers or clients, and make money. I have taken sites from zero sales to over 5,000 sales per month. Need to sell your products or services?? Let me know and I can put money in your bank account!!

Over time my focus has turned to bringing success to business owners & webmasters worldwide. I work with people from China, Taiwan, India, Australia, Africa, United Kingdom, Dubai, UAE, Mexico, Canada and of course the United States! I have helped people sell jewelry, HVAC equipment, stuffed animals, address labels, and sandwiches, I help realtors, lawyers, and other professionals find qualified leads they can turn into new business. If you need to generate sales, find highly qualified leads, want to build your brand, or just need factual honest straight truth on how to find success, let me know and I will be glad to help you!!

I guarantee my experience and knowledge will help you find success with your business!!

Clint Dixon

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