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I have been optimizing and marketing websites online for 7+ years.  I have worked with great people from all over the world, on 6 of the 7 continents, over 60 different countries including China, Pakistan,  Taiwan, Chad, Hong Kong, and even someone from Iran. I work from home, from my car, from Starbucks, or the side of the road. I am availabe through several instant methods of communication, however my work is never seen as a critical mission.

Along the way I have been invited to serve on the following, and am amazed at times that I have these associations. I am not sure how many others have had this fortune I do not imagine it would be very many others, but I also realize others have more austere seats and many of them. I can only imagine how many Warren Buffet or Bill Gates must sit on . I remain humbled at how truly fortunate I have been.

Business Associations

Fortune Business Leader Council

Forbes Small Business Council

Google Small Business Network

Gerson Lehrman Scholar Consult


Feel free to contact me 24/7/365 if you want to find success!!

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