SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

There are so many people claiming to be SEO’s online it is comical. Someone has luck ranking for magic carpet rides in the air on, and they are suddenly an SEO. I have seen people lie claiming they have 20 years of SEO experience, when where SEO flourished, is only 11 years old…The fact of the matter is there are only a few real SEOs in the world.  Even funnier is seeing webmasters who cannot design a site properly or who have no idea what their profit margins are (or even know what a profit margin is) claiming they know SEO.

To help you weed out the wannabe’s from the real deal, I have compiled a few questions you can ask your SEO. Your SEO should be able to answer the questions immediately. If not then they are trying to research the answers. Here is the funny part….the answers are not there. I have never revealed them because I know the answers and as such it is a competitive advantage that allows me to rank sites at the top of the search engines Google, Msn, Yahoo for years. Yes I wrote years…
Here are questions to ask any potential SEO for your website(s)

Do you know how setting a pattern is easily detected and filters are applied to lower your site in the SERPs?

How does Google use an algorithm to determine which sites are violating the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

How does Google use empirical & historical data to build a profile about each and every website?

How does Google use those data sets  to monitor your site for compliance with Google’s  Webmaster Guidelines?

How can hiring the wrong person actually ruin your sites trust within

You will find it very hard to find anyone who can answer these questions for you because again they are not SEOs. So many people have had luck ranking for non competitive terms, or very localized terms, on search engines from the various country specific pages each Search Engine maintains, such as,, etc. If it’s not and you are trying to rank on, find someone who ranks sites on, Ask to see live results…enter the keywords in yourself and see the results..are they close?? or nothing to be seen??

I will be adding more and more SEO facts to these pages as well as SEM and Internet Marketing facts you can use to help select who you want to grow your business!!



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